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Orthopedic Insoles

Orthopedic Insoles protect heel bone from extreme pressure, fatigue, and strain prevent thickening of heel skin, keeps heel safe from blisters, chipped skin, corn, and cracked feet.

It provides hydration treatment to repair the dry, painful, hard, and cracked skin on your heels. Also, provide an improvement of appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging. These socks can also be used with foot cream.

Orthopedic Insoles Arch Support prevents joints and foot pain caused by poorly padded footwear, daily weight pressure, walking, and standing.

It gives ultimate heel pain and heel swelling relief. It provides extra cushioning, shock absorption, anti-slip, and is breathable. It is the ultimate heel comfort, stability, reusable, economic, and hygienic.

It provides extra cushioning, shock absorption, anti-slip, breathable, ultimate heel pain relief slip-on pads, for heel pain, spurs, heel swelling. 

Orthopedic Insoles Benefits:-

  • Long-lasting comfort
  • The foot and leg alignment is greatly improved with this anatomical arch support that can effectively improve comfort and help in relieving the stress and pain that is caused by flat feet, arthritis, diabetes, and bunions. It is effective relief to foot pain as well as plantar fasciitis.

  • Deep heel counter
  • You can now maintain the correct position of your foot along with protecting the heel during the heavier impacts of landing while walking or running as well as it helps in stabilizing the foot.

  • High-quality EVA material
  • It is great for pain relief and shock absorption. You also feel fresh by absorbing all the moisture and sweat that is produced by your feet with the help of the fabric.

  • Designed for Everyday Use
  • In hiking or casual shoes, boots, and work shoes, it provides moderate control and great support. For all types of leisure and daily footwear, it offers the best comfort and cushioning.

    If your days begin and end with pain at the bottom of your heel, then it’s possible that you’re struggling with persistent plantar fasciitis.

    A type of inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of the foot, plantar fasciitis affects approximately 2 million people every year.

    Different people develop it for different reasons—tight calf muscles, flat feet or high arches, weight gain, non-supportive footwear, and more.

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