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Magical LED Houseplant

The addition of a houseplant is always a great touch when it comes to decorating the home but let us face it as we all do not have green thumbs up for it.

Fortunately, this magical LED houseplant adds a lot of paparazzi to your home even more than a real plant. It is the perfect piece of conversation and great for dinner parties, date nights, movie screenings, social gatherings, and more.

It is the product that is inspired by the traditional natural houseplant transforming it into the world's first product with a display that is volumetric.

It contains about 300 individually addressable LED lights being mapped in a 3D space standing about 4Ft tall in a premium ceramic pot.

With the companion of a smartphone app, you can easily control the color, effect, and animation by accessing different color combinations. 

Features & its Benefits

  • From the house of innovations
  • This lamp will have your room come alive with brilliant color as it is an innovative lamp. You can make the leaves change their color instantly suiting the mood of your room with a simple swipe of your finger.

  • The touch of unearthly glow
  • This light helps to bring in an unearthly glow to your personal space with this LED lamp being illuminated by a small LED allowing you to set to one of over a dozen different colors that instantly change the atmosphere of your room.

  • Touch of sophistication
  • You can easily add a touch of sophistication to your room by illuminating your living space with this led houseplant. The lamp can be adjusted and placed almost anywhere you love.

    This LED houseplant is the perfect companion from the morning till night elevating everyday rituals and moments is how it is designed to be.

    LED Houseplant also creates an incredibly productive and motivating home office in the age of remote work. The LED light offers many-body and mind-enhancing benefits promoting a healthy circadian rhythm.

    You can now wake up and focus as well as sleep and relax with the help of our Magical LED Houseplant.