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Motivational Water Bottle

Keep Calm And Drink More Water!

When you drink water, you're not only satisfying your thirst. At the same time, without notice, you're:

• Hydrating your body and skin
• Helping your organs function better
• Cleansing and detoxifying your body
• Preventing headaches and migraines
• Boosting our energy and mood

So if you want to benefit your overall health, get the lightweight Mango water bottle and drink the recommended water intake every single day!

The timeline marking and the motivational phrases on the refillable plastic water bottle are going to remind you and push you to drink as much water as possible.

Take The Motivational Water Bottle With You Everywhere You Go!

This plastic water bottle has been designed for both men and women; both adults and kids.

So no matter your age or gender, fill the drinking bottle with water and take it with you at work, school, at the gym, when you travel and when you go out.

Motivational Water Bottle Benefits :-

Unique Motivational Design: This high quality drink reminder water bottle is special made with inspirational quote and time markers to remind you boost your daily water intake. And helps you reach your health and fitness goals. Use perfectly for weight loss, during and after a workout, appetite control, replenish moisture, overall health.

 BPA & Toxin Free: Made of quality Triton co-polyester plastic, this water bottle is 100% BPA & TOXIN FREE, odour free and healthy for your daily water drinking. Perfect for hiking, cycling, biking, camping, running, Yoga or any other sports at home, the gym and in the office.

 Functional Design: Simply open with one hand by clicking the button to access your fresh water, the flip top lid is designed with a secure lock, making it dust and leakproof. Fast water flow mouth opening helps you hydrate faster. Lightweight with a portable wrist strap makes it convenient for on-the-go hydration. With a removable strainer, the bottle is easy to infuse fruit & tea in your drink. The mouth is wide enough to fit ice cubes, also easy to clean.

Easy to Clean: With a durable nylon strap design and lightweight design, you can easily carry the reusable water bottle to anywhere you like. The gym water bottle is very easy to clean too, just need to simply wash it with baking soda and vinegar.

Ideal Gift Choice: The 2L water bottle has convenient hourly time markers to help you boost your daily water intake. This excellent bottle comes with a variety of vibrant colors and cute patterns choices,which is the best present idea for yourselves, family members, friends, co-workers, women and men who enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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