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Smart Hula™ 360°

The World's first Hula Hoop that does the Workout FOR YOU!

Wearing those favorite dresses will not be a dream anymore with our Smart Hula™ 360°. 

Push Yourself to new limits and see even better results quicker! More Intense, more advanced, and even more calories burned.

 Our Smart Hula 360° hoop is the shortcut to sweating off excess fat especially if you are carrying extra weight.

Designed with 10X More Flexible Axles ensures scrolling at a constant speed for a complete lower-body workout. That means you can just have fun while losing weight without having to master a difficult new skill. 

Smart Hula 360° Hoops Benefits:

Get that dreamt Hourglass Figure: Our Smart Hula Hoop actively works to strengthen your core muscles to help you achieve an hourglass figure in no time!

Exercise anywhere, anytime: 24 detachable pieces make the Smart Hula hoop easy to take with you anywhere as it fits in any small luggage. 

Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals Effectively: Just 20 minutes of use 5 times per week has been shown to burn up to 1000 calories. You will be able to meet your weight-loss goals 4X faster while having fun!

✅Feel The Sweat within 10 Minutes: The 360° shock-absorbing massage contacts are in full contact with the muscles, allows for a deep pressure stimulation across your waistline, giving a unique and enjoyable feel to your workouts.


✅More Intensity When Working Out: The added weight of the ball creates more intensity when working out, this then targets areas such as your stomach, legs, hips, etc. By doing so, a much more efficient workout is created,

Lose Weight While Having Fun!

Our Smart Hula 360° Hoops is ideal for anyone who wants to do easy cardio, and for anyone who wants to move their muscles after a long day at work.

The band of the Smart Hula 360° includes massage “bumps” to help you feel less sore during and after a workout. Now, this is a perfect exercise tool that hits two birds with one stone!


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