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Stay Relaxed™ Cervical Spine & Shoulder Massager

Everyone loves a neck massage, but most times it is not convenient to visit physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other massage therapists.

But the good news is that you can comfortably get a neck massage daily and as often as you want with this new neck massage device

This portable neck massager uses micro-electric pulse massage to relieve muscle discomfort, stimulate neuromuscular and cell, and activate muscle vitality. 

Gives Immediate relief from neck pressure due to excessive laptop, computer, smartphone use, desk work, or any other activities. 


Stay Relaxed™  Massager Benefit

✅ Upgraded 6 Massaging heads: It offers a significant cervical massage effect that combines low-cycle TENS Technology and constant heat for calming relief. Warms up to 120°F in 3 seconds.

6 Heads Smart Electric Neck and Back Pulse Massager TENS Wireless Heat  Cervical Vertebra Relax Pain Kneading Massage Machine | Geek


✅ Four Active Massage modes:  Comes with advanced massage modes to give you the ultimate massaging experience at home.

🅰️ Automatic Mode for relieving muscle tension and fatigue
📌 Acupuncture Mode to eliminate discomfort caused by exercise & stiff neck
🔨 Hammer Mode for office workers and people who stay up late
👐 Kneading Mode works great for long term shoulder and neck pain


✅ 15 Advanced Massage Gears: Comes with upgraded massage gears to set intensity level in order to get more comfort and relax.


✅ 50% More Lightweight: You just have to wear it like a scarf. Easy, right? Thanks to its high-quality materials, Cervical Relief is not heavy or cumbersome.

 ✅ Upgraded Battery: Finally you don't need to worry about the charging issue as it runs continuously for 8 Days on a Single Charge.


The secret technique of Stay Relaxed™ Cervical Spine & Shoulder Massager? Electrical stimulation. That is why you may feel your muscles contract repeatedly.

You can choose between several types of massage sessions. Just pick the one that meets your needs on your app.

And believe us: your neck tensions and stress will be just a memory.



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