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Twist Board

Twists boards are a type of at-home exercise equipment that you stand and pivot on. Based on brand type, they have different round shapes and are curved on the bottom. They are also referred to as balance or wobble boards.

Twist boards can be fun and a good form of exercise for some, but may not be right for everyone. Twist boards are designed to tone your physique and improve balance. They do this by working your entire core, or midsection.

The core comprises muscles that support and stabilize your body. These include the abdominals, lower back muscles, glutes, hips, and pelvis. People also use twist boards as a form of exercise to help burn calories.

Twist boards strengthen your core, so they may help you avoid back injury. A strong core is also important for physical strength and balance. Twist boards may help you achieve some muscle tone and whittle away fat around your midsection.

For some women, this can translate into a flatter stomach, tighter hips, and a smaller waist.

Twist Board Benefits:-

  • Portable, Compact, and Durable Balance Board
  • It is lightweight and comes with a portable handle design. It is easy to be carried anywhere made of durable plastic as well as the TPR material that can hold a maximum weight of 100 lbs.

  • Perfect for Anyone
  • It is suited for any type of footwear as well as bare feet and it features a spacious design. Anyone can use it regardless of the level of fitness, age, height, etc. It offers a stable workout rehabilitation and physical therapy for anyone who is trying to overcome an injury too.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • It can increase your body balance, flexibility as well as coordination while targeting and strengthening the main areas of your body. It is ideal for core stability workouts as well as balance training.

  • Anti-skid Performance
  • The non-slip textured surface offers greater stability and added strength to help you feel stable during exercises or when you sweat away with the help of its abrasion-resistant platform.

    A twist board is a very good piece of equipment that helps you in building your core muscles and also to maintain balance.

    You can use this on a daily basis by starting basic workouts slowly and as your body gets used to this twist board, you can make the workouts complex.

    Twisting exercises are a decent addition to the range of ab exercises that you could be already doing for your stomach. It's also a good machine to extend muscle mass and movement abilities.

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