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Eco shower

You are sure to get several beneficial and relaxing effects for the skin thanks to the multifunction Eco shower with aromatherapy having significant scent cartridges and mineral components.

The stones here act as an eco-iconic filter and also enhance a mineralized antibacterial activation. The main stones enhance the beneficial minerals in the water and also filter the heavy metals.

The impurities from the water are filtered with the help of zeolite stones and also regenerate the pH level of the skin.

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They are interchangeable and optional with the lemon, lavender, and jasmine fragrances that produce an invigorating and relaxing effect as the shower can also be used without the scent cartridges.

This showerhead is universal and can be installed quite easily. It also helps to save water thanks to its pressure, it also respects the environment and cares for the health of the skin as it can reduce water hardness and the requirement for the use of gels and creams in addition. They are highly recommended for sensitive skin.

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Eco shower Benefits:-

  • Better for you, better for the planet
  • This showerhead is designed significantly superior shower experiences that use less water and improve the quality of water dramatically through the advanced filtration system. Thereby they can help save on your water bills.

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  • More Power, Less Water, Big Savings
  • They are designed for increasing the pressure of water in your shower and they are perfectly crafted here. The frame is perfected with the use of anodized aluminum. Mineral debris can therefore be cleaned instantly for giving much-refreshed look.

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  • Soft Spring Water
  • The hard water can be softened with the new blend of three kinds of mineralized germanium stones that can result in natural spring quality. The impurities in water and chlorine can significantly damage your hair and dry out the skin. 

    Eco shower can help you escape from the day and is a functional necessity here. To wash away the stress of work, pamper us after a grueling workout, and keep us clean, these showerheads can work at their best.

    You may be extremely overwhelmed with your options with so many different kinds of showerheads present here. These showerheads are the best choice and are quite popular for their water and money-saving opportunities.

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